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“The Cain Complex” Hollywood depute at the Arena Cinema

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‘The Cain Complex’ (2015) opened on June 12, 2015, at the Arena Cinema. It was not only its opening showcase, but red carpet premiere. ‘The Cain Complex’ opened with a red carpet showcase, pre-party mixer, Q&A, and after party mixer at Sadie’s Kitchen and Lounge.

‘The Cain Complex’ (2015) was written and directed by Marcello Zamarripa. Marcello Zamarripa is not only the creator of ‘The Cain Complex’ (2015), but he plays the leading roll in this film piece. ‘The Cain Complex’ (2015) focuses closely on PTSD, dysfunctional elements surrounding family life, and challenging closer issues. There is a mixture of action and martial arts rolled, which will keep viewers locked in.

Mateo Ibarra (Marcello Zamaripa) battles PTSD over his brother and en-laws death. He finds himself in conflict over the elements at hand, detached from his own family, and battling repeated nightmares. Mateo must make piece within himself by challenging his demons and fears, for the purpose of moving forward.

‘The Cain Complex’ (2015) reaches emotional deepness of PTSD, delivers a brilliant action spin, and cleverly mixed with martial arts. Surely a film to check out for yourself!


‘The Cain Complex’ (2015) will be playing at the Arena Cinema. For listing times and dates, go to

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