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Cross Process Photography

Here is a series of cross process photography Bourgeois Magazine LA uses in the body of photography work. Below is also an detailed article of cross process and what it is.  Note, all cross process that is shot in the slideshow has no digital retouching. The goal Bourgeois Magazine LA worked to achieve is deep color saturation and detail.

We have used the cross process technique for many years along with black and white film, color, e-6 and digital. Even though so many photographer’s have gravitated to using only digital, We found ourselves open to still working with analog film and digital. Many of our clients find it wonderful to have a choice. What attracted us to cross process is how strong it punches up color on photograph’s. Additionally, how when processing and printing the color shift can be unpredictable. Yet there is this artful challenge of delivering something magical from each film stock and paper choice. Either way, cross process is king of artistic creativity and consume with a magnetizing visual pulse.

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