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‘Miles To Go’ movie premiere


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May 15, 2015, Miles to Go (2012) red carpet premiere was held at Sadie’s Kitchen and Lounge and screening shown at the Arena Cinema. The showcase opened off with a red carpet showcase, Q&A, and after-party at Sadie’s Kitchen Lounge.  Throughout the night many entertainment face from across the industry came to show their support for Miles to Go (2012). The red carpet started at 8:00pm and ended with standing ovations and a high energizing after-party event.

Miles to Go (2012) was directed by Quincy Rose. Quincy Rose not only directed the film, but starred lead character of Miles in his film piece. Mr. Rose took on this project to illustrate many elements surfacing around relationships. His focus was to deliver a story piece that relates with relationships, it’s dysfunctions, and giving it a raw meaty form. Of course any relationship within itself, takes time to build and transcend. It surely is an elemental tool that is based on patients, wisdom, and growth. Quincy Rose’s character (Miles) battles the harsh reality toward life dysfunctional traits, relationship break-ups, rekindling them, and many more. The course of Miles (Quincy Ross) life seems to hold weight over his head with his ex-girlfriend Julia (Jen Mc Pherson). Over many therapy sessions with his psychologist, he seems to have learned some effective aspects in his personal life with Julia, but still seems to have issues of overspinning thoughts that is has been circling in his mind. Surely, with the help and support from his friends Sydney (Zack Tiegen), Amelia (Evelyn Morck), Stella (Emily Arlook), Richard (Drew Bell), Brian (Alex Morglan), and Luis (Luis Favela) bring humor in the mix of things.  Over the course of the story, Miles and Julia rekindle their relationship back. The relationship takes it’s course, but come to a turn down the road.

Miles to Go (2012) signifies the rawness of life within relationship and what can be changed, or not. Certainly, this film leaves a deeper aspect about identifying mistakes, strengths, and growth within itself. Miles to Go (2012) is very convincing and gives a since of relation toward relationships and dynamics that will strengthen or break relationships.

Miles to Go (2012) can be seen at the Arena Cinema. All listing times can be verified at

Guest Attendees:

Director/Actor: Quincy Rose (Miles to Go)

Actor: Philip Solomon

Actor: Zack Tiegen (Miles to Go)

Co-Producer/Actor: Drew Bell (Miles to Go)

Actress: Emily Arlook (Miles to Go)

Actor: Will McCormack (Celeste and Jessie Forever)

Actress: Lourdes Colon (The Kiss)

Actor: Ian Verdun (The Social Network)

Actress: Toni Romano-Cohen: (Won’t Back Down)

Actress: Jillian Leigh (Big Love Story)

Director: Megan Freels

Director Todd Mewman

Actress: Amza Moglan (The Will Be Blood)

Actor: Alex Moglan (Miles to Go)




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