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Fashion Photography

Bourgeois Magazine LA is a broad array of fashion dealing with cross process photography, black & white, slides, color film, digital imagery format, and other film formats. We hope our work gives you great inspiration and fulfillment.

Bourgeois Magazine LA

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2 comments on “Fashion Photography

  1. Beverly Swanson
    November 9, 2013

    Hi Tree
    Took a break in my work to look up your website…WOW…feel like I’m visiting an art gallery or museum, very cool combination of edgy effects, humans, emotions/shapes/colors popping…let’s talk soon…Beverly (Swanson — we met Wed. night at the wrap party, I played the boy’s mom in the film, know Frankie, was sitting next to Princess Leah…)


    • bourgeoismagazinela
      November 9, 2013

      Hi Beverly!!!!
      You were the talk the next day! You are awesome! Let’s chat when you get down time!


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