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“Roxie” Convincing and Funny, LA Bound!


Roxie delivers a convincing and humorous film about life’s rawness and the vital elements of relationship dynamics, by director/writer Nick Frangione with producers

Joel Roth, David Usner, Kelly Burk and Michael Locke.

Frangione brings a creative interpretation of the deepest cores of friendship, marriage, and the essence of life’s changes.

Roxie is a poignant story, dealing with the crossover adjustments in older adulthood within Joel Robbins, PhD, MFT (Joel Roth) and David Hutchins, PhD, MFT (David Usner). Joel and David have been lifelong friends, but come to a turning point on their journey of self- awareness and identity.

David’s uncontrollable burn within his soul finds him calling out to his best friend Joel to abandon his personal life to go on a weekend road trip. David’s negative influence of bringing his best friend to San Francisco seems to create a wedge between Joel’s wife, Sheryl Robbins (Sheryl Hartman) and Joel. This of course leaves questions in Joel and Sheryl’s marriage, which eventually comes to a head toward the end.  This trip certainly seems to be a “forget-thee” on David’s own marriage, which he has been trying to avoid for some reason.

Over time, David’s patients Margie Bennett (Jennifer Pauly) and Ben Bennett (Ted Barker) find themselves lost in their own relationship, due to the lack of interest David has toward any constructive marital therapy. At this point, David could really care less about these people. Until David finds resolution within himself, there is no chance for a good therapy session until David’s issues are resolved.

Eventually over the fateful weekend, Joel and David come full circle with Roxie (Kelly Burk), the heartless hooker with a vixen bite. Finding that their fantasies aren’t what they seem awakens their emotions at full throttle.  Everyone experiences a sense of awakening toward life’s true mission, in efforts of attaining a happier sense of self.

Roxie delivers a true, raw quality about life, and leaves a strong message about what is truly important in friends and marriage. Moreover, Roxie has a comical bite that will keep you laughing throughout the film. It is also great seeing seasoned talents illustrate magic in front of the camera, yet allowing viewers to get a closer understanding of the psychology of relationships and their dysfunctions.

Roxie (2013) Red Carpet Premiere:

Friday Feb. 27, 2015, at Arena Cinema, Hollywood, CA.

Q&A to follow after screening.

The film will be showing until March 5, 2015.  For tickets & times, visit

(Parking is adjacent to the theater and across the street.)  View the film’s trailer: and below:



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