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An American In Hollywood red carpet premiere

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Feb 13, 2015 was more than any day. This day was the red carpet premiere for An American In Hollywood (2014).  The opening premiere started off with a red carpet showcase, and Q&A after movie showing. There is nothing greater than enjoying a red carpet event with warm weather, good looking talent, a comedy film, and high energy night. Truly an unbelievable night to remember.

An American In Hollywood (2014) is more than a comical film, it cleverly delivers an element of struggling film makers and talents dreams up the “Hollywood Ladder”. Director/Writer Sai Varadan,  infuses animation, action, drama, comedy, and romance all rolled in one in this film piece. The story evolves around struggling talents dreams of making it in Hollywood and New York, without getting ripped off from the greedy corporate vultures.

An American In Hollywood (2014) guides viewers into the world of filmmaker Josiah aka “The Dissenter” (Richard Carroll Jr.) battles of climbing in Hollywood and New York entertainment world. During Josiah’s career journey,  he falls in love with Ayoka aka “Power Girl” (Azur-De). The two fall in love, encounter relationship issue, struggles with landing potential jobs, and battles challenges of seperation. Many of Josiah and Ayoka’s friends find themselves involved somehow in their relationship dynamic, but it just creates a wedge and destroys any potential chances of their life together. During the Hollywood journey, Josiah discover that the industry is really not what it seemed to be. Josiah finds his movie script has been stolen from a twisted contract that was mastermind by entertainment corporates. Certainly Josiah’s battle to stardom eventually taught him a life lesson of not giving up on his dreams. Although, the relationship with Akoya and Josiah take a different course, the two learn true value of what is important on their climb up the “Hollywood Ladder.”

Certainly these characters illustrated a true message about desire and passion of succeeding. But there is also an element of social relationship dynamics, which delivers a meaning about communication and growth. Furthermore, An American In Hollywood (2014) illustrates a core aspect of never giving up and making it work to its highest potential on all levels. With the infused animation, love story, and comedy, certainly leaves viewers enjoying a creative film piece. An American In Hollywood (2014) also incorporates a meaty and well-balanced story, filled with a creative concept and talented cast. In every artist who tries to make it in Hollywood and New York, must remember one thing, “never give up.”

An American In Hollywood (2014) will be screened at the at Arena Cinema from Feb 13 – 19. To get your tickets, go to The Arena Cinema does also have excellent parking right next to the theater and plenty of seating for all movie showings. Any questions regards to times, showing, and etc. can be inquired on the Arena Cinema site and contact.

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