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Druid Peak Hollywood Premiere

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On, Jan 10, 2015, Druid Peak (2014) red carpet premiere was held at Sadie’s Kitchen and Lounge, Hollywood, CA. After the red carpet event, Druid Peak (2014) was showcased at the Arena Cinema, holding a full house. With a packed showcase, the event was in full form. Druid Peak (2014) red carpet premiere was certainly an event that couldn’t keep anyone from this spectacular night!


  • Kevin Dunn (Veep)
  • Kiana Lyz Rivera (Major Crime)
  • Jame DuMont (American Horror Story)
  • Frankie Ray (Western Religion)
  • Brandon Tyler Russell (A Beverly Hills Christmas)
  • Robert Paul Taylor (East Los High)
  • Director: Marni Zelnick (Druid Peak)
  • Executive Producer: Maureen H Mayer (Druid Peak)
  • Executive Producer Jeremy Hinman
  • Producer: Dana Morgan (Druid Peak)
  • Spencer Treat Clark (Much Ado About Nothing/Gladiator)
  • Spike Minczeski (Druid Peak)
  • Indie Right Movies Owners: Linda Nelson and Michael Madison

Druid Peak (2014), Directed/Written by Marni Zelnick, is about a rebellious teenager on a road of self destruction, until slapped with reality one day. Owen (Spencer Treat Clark) plays the role of the teenage boy battling self-identity and finding his place in the world. The sixteen year old teen finds himself unsure and uncertain where his life is headed after the death of his friend. This somehow brings Owen’s estranged father, Everett Wagner (Andrew Wilson), back in the course of his life. Although, the two had been detached from their relationship for quite sometime, Everett makes a decision to have his son come stay with him. Since Everett was a biologist at the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction program, it seemed to ignite a spark in Owen’s spirit. Owen eventually becomes accustomed to the new changes around him, which allowed his spirit to transcend in a positive light. The director of Druid Peak (2014) definitely infuses a great story structure, with a true majestic cinematography body, and talented cast choice. Certainly, this independent film brings true compassion about wildlife and nature, but yet gives a since of understanding what the character lives went through on the crossroads of life.   Druid Peak (2014) , reaches to the emotional core of anyone’s heart, but delivering a sincere message to the soul!

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  1. Frankie Ray
    January 13, 2015

    excellent review very informative.


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