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“Delusions of Guinevere” movie premiere at the Arena Cinema

IMG_0387Delusions of Guinevere movie premiere was hosted at the Arena Cinema, Nov 14, 2014. The premiere was in full form for an eventful night. After the movie screening, a Q&A followed for movie goer’s and an after-party at Sadie’s. With a sold-out show, the event brought out many entertainment faces, and live interviews throughout the night. Certainly, a true night, but with a saucy flair.

Delusions of Guinevere is a dark comedy about a struggling actress trying to regain her celebrity status. The film concept is truly brilliant and funny. With the co-creation from Actress/Producer Ariana Bernstein and Director Joann Bowzer, this movie certainly is a winner. The concept to create a struggling actress life and delusions of getting back to stardom is ingenious and certainly a crafty concept. Ariana Bernstein plays the role of Guinevere, whom is a faded out actress looking for an creative way to spark her celebrity status. The struggling actress finds herself consumed with social media, stalking ex-friends online, and having no real motivation. With the help of her friends, they cleverly come up with a concept to generate this ex-actress fame back in full swing.  Of course over time, Guinevere becomes too involved, which causes a spiral of changes. In efforts to get back to reality of her life, she has to face her own delusions full force.

I do have to say Delusions of Guinevere is convincingly innovative, with a ballsy concept. Delusions of Guinevere is punchy with comical satire and delivers a reality punch. You can see Delusions of Guinevere at the Arena Cinema.  Listing showtimes are at

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