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“The Aviation Cocktail” Fly In LA Premiere

Director David Higgns during a premiere of The Aviation Cocktail, Nov 1, 2014. Copyright 2014 Bourgeois Magazine LA

Director David R Higgins during a premiere of The Aviation Cocktail, Nov 1, 2014. Copyright 2014 Bourgeois Magazine LA

The Aviation Cocktail (2012) premiered at the Arena Cinema, November 1, 2014. The showcased night was a hit with sponsored liquor company Aviation American Gin, throughout film reception. Many entertainment guest from all walks of the industry came down to partake on this high-flying event.  With a sold out night, The Aviation Cocktail (2012) demonstrated that the night was at it’s true swinging form.

Director David R Higgins inspiration of the film was mostly legends he heard about his grandfather and aspiration of working on a film noir.  Mr. Higgins’s grandfather was a pilot in WWII and flew a private aviation service after the war. In Mr. Higgins words,  “I thought it interesting to think about how PTSD affected WWII vets before it became more talked about publicly.” It is very clear during the 1940’s and 1950’s era PTSD was not recognized. Most veteran’s dealt with emotional demons in so many ways to mask their disorder, which was never looked at closer during that period.

The Aviation Cocktail (2012) is actually a fictionalized story concept, which manifested itself to film. Over the course of filming, it lasted 17 days and was cast mostly out of Denver after seeing over 200 auditions. The Canon DSLRs: 5D MK2 and 7D was used throughout The Aviation Cocktail (2012) in efforts to illustrate the embodiment of filming style. The elements of selecting the 1950s era, has a true classical body, saturated color edge, but also a film noir style.

With the strong supportive staff of Kyle Arganbright, James Baumgartner, Mike Burge, Dan Dearing, Barbara A. Deline, Bobby Deline, Brandon Eaton, Ellen S Schauer and productions staff; help launch this film forward.

The cast and crew of The Aviation Cocktail at an open premiere, Nov 1,2014. Copyright 2014 Bourgeois Magazine LA

The cast and crew of The Aviation Cocktail at an open premiere, Nov 1,2014. Copyright 2014 Bourgeois Magazine LA

The Aviation Cocktail (2012) takes you on a wild and hair raising murder twist, and dysfunctional relationships triangle. The barometer of lost appreciation among many characters portrayed, illustrates a powerless structure within.

A questionable murder of Ruth Riley (Lara Ann),  is overlooked by sheriff Henry Fisher (Beau Kiger), which can leave viewers questioning his lack of motivation. Dale Riley (Connor L Boyle) is Ruth Riley’s brother, whom is holding a bitter heart toward his sister’s death and elements surrounding her timely demise. Geoff Hadley (Mark Hanson) plays the ruthless killer of Ruth Riley. Before awaiting trial, Geoff Hadley is killed, and questions to Ruth Riley’s death still holds a question leading to her murder.  Sheriff Henry Fisher (Beau Kiger) and his wife Alice Fisher (Leah Lockhart) battle relationship issue, while leaving their son Neal Fisher (Cade Adamson) in emotional limbo over their dysfunctional relationship dynamic. The unbalanced friendship with sheriff Henry Fisher and Bob Halloran (Brandon Eaton) certainly holds strong within the two. The course of their feud is questionable, which unravels later. Sheriff Jack Fisher (Michael Haskin) finds himself caught up in a feud between his friend Bob Halloran (Brandon Eaton) and sheriff Henry Fisher, which seems no way repairable at this point.  Certainly,  life paths for many of these individuals leave a strong detachment toward life turn and event. Who’s life? Well, that is something to be seen for yourself.

The Aviation Cocktail (2012) is distributed by Indie Rights Movies and Pilots Lounge. To see more about these distribution companies, go to : and

The Aviation Cocktail can be seen at the Arena Cinema. For your local schedule listing, go to




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