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William Shatner & Circa

ShatnerActor/Director/Author/ Singer: William Shatner performs his new record Ponder the Mystery in it’s entirety along with the prog band Circa; featuring Billy Sherwood (who produced and co-wrote Ponder the Mystery with Shatner) and Tony Kaye both former members of the legendary prog rock band YES.

William Shatner is a film and television icon with an intense passion for music, which has yielded several solo records including the critically acclaimed Seeking Major Tom. This most recent solo record,Ponder the Mystery (including guest artists from the prog and fusion genres: Rick Wakeman, Al DiMeola, Steve Vai, Robbie Krieger, Vince Gill, and Dave Koz to name a few). Expands Shatner’s musical horizons due to the fact that all of the songs on the new record are original and written by Shatner and his musical partner in the project Billy Sherwood.

This partnership of Shatner and Sherwood has created a vast and expansive artistic landscape for Shatner’s amazing gift of poetry, while Sherwood composed the musical backdrop. The record is conceptual in nature: following a man in despair through the setting sun, twilight and finally darkness, and in the process, regains his joy of life.

Both William Shatner and Billy Sherwood had a vision of taking the record to the stage and performing it live. When it came time to form the band for this event, Circa; Sherwood and Kaye had a long running musical relationship playing on stage together with YES and forming Circa; together in 2006. Circa continues to release music (Circa; Live From Here There and Everywhere is their recent release).

William Shatner and Circa live special engagment performance at The Canyon Club, Oct 24, 2013. Copyright 2013 Bourgeois Magazine LA

William Shatner and Circa live special engagement performance at The Canyon Club, Oct 24, 2013.
Copyright 2013 Bourgeois Magazine LA


Ponder the Mystery is a journey of the mind and a movie for the ears. Shatner is your guide taking you to places unimagined, along with Circa; this unique hybrid of creativity is in keeping with the spirit of the classics of prog and rock, YES, Genesis, Pink Floyd. This concert experience will leave you wanting to see it all over again and again.





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William Shatner & Circa recently performed at:

Tour Dates:
October 23 – Saint Rocke – Hermosa, CA
October 24 – The Canyon Club – Agoura, CA

This special live event leaves you spellbound, amazed, drawn in with the dynamic creative styles from William Shatner, Tony Kaye, Billy Sherwood, Ricky Rat, and Scott O’Connor. It is truly a live experience not to miss! In all my life seeing live shows, this special live engagement was captivating,  amazing, and left a mesmerized feeling through the soul. Seeing some of the best and well known music icons was an honor to watch.  I truly recommend everyone to see them at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, Oct 25,2013.

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