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Festival Supreme Showcase Event 2013

Adam Sandler at rehearsal before the show.

Adam Sandler at rehearsal before the show.

The inaugural Festival Supreme event in Santa Monica, Ca hosted by Tenacious D (aka Jack Black and Kyle Gass) was held on Saturday on the Santa Monica Pier.  The event took off at 2:00 pm and ended at 10:00 pm.  There were three areas where the comics performed called, “Omega Stage Supreme,” “The Mighty Tent,” and “Club Intimacy.”  The sides were lined with food and drink vendors, which was great. With comedy line-ups and music entertainment from across the board was truly unfolding to watch throughout the night. The event was a sell-out, which left a line from Santa Monica Pier  to Ocean Avenue.

More than 5,000 plus fans took over the famous Santa Monica Pier Saturday for the first ever Festival Supreme Music and Comedy Festival, which was created by Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass, but surprise guests that put the show at it’s highest level  was Conan O’Brien, The Lonely Island, Billy Idol, and many more greats. The show delivered high level energy throughout the entire day.


Adam Sandler and Frankie Ray show support  with Elsipogtog. before the show. Copyright 2013 Bourgeois Magazine LA

Adam Sandler and Frankie Ray show support with Elsipogtog. before the show.
Copyright 2013 Bourgeois Magazine LA

Actor: Adam Sandler , Actor: Frankie Ray, and friend showed solidarity with Elsipogtog at the event, which left a remarkably overwhelming response of love from Elsipogtog.

The true highlight of highlights was when Jack Black went through the crowd giving high-fives, which left so many fans shocked, but yet ecstatic for the love.  It was also great to see entertainment faces such as Tim Robbins, Andy Dick, John C. O’Reily, Fred Armisen, David Cross, Brian Posehn, Kevin Pollack, Ed Sheeran, Eric Idle, Hannibal Buress, and many more entertainment elites.





Made by Lovely Carandang from Im Sinfully Sweet. Copyright 2013 Bourgeois Magazine LA

Made by Lovely Carandang from Im Sinfully Sweet.
Copyright 2013 Bourgeois Magazine LA

Another amazing thing that happened from the event was meeting a fantastic pastry artist by the name Lovely Carandang. She took the time out of her day to make the most sinfully sweet treats for the music talents that delivered an amazing show. The cake creation was truly brilliant, remarkable, and truly at the highest quality of tasteful experience.

Lovely’s description about her business:”Lovely’s Sinfully Sweet Creations is a custom design bakery specializing in unique cakes. From blinged out glamorous wedding cakes, naughty bachlorette cakes, unforgettable birthday cakes, and even cougar divorce party cakes! We do it all! In addition to cakes, we also create signature cupcakes, cookies, cakepops and dessert tables.”Lovely is a self taught baker from San Diego California. Featured on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars summer 2012. Cake decorating instructor for 5+ years in Temecula, Ca.

Check out her business at  for sure!

Line-up Acts:

Club Intimacy
The Angry Back Up Singer, Sasquatch, The Abe Lincoln Story, The Neil Hamburger Band, Dynasty Handbag, Beardyman, Patton Oswalt, Demetri Martin, Hannibal Buress, Tig Notaro, Will Forte, Sarah Silverman

The Mighty Tent
Molly Bryant, Nancy & Beth, Eric Idle & The Jeff Davis Experience, Reggie Watts, The Mighty Boosh, Zach Galifianakis, The Mr. Show Experience

Omega Stage Supreme
Garfunkel & Oats, Craig Robinson & The Nasty Delicious, Fred Armisen, Princess, The Gregory Brothers, Triumph, Adam Sandler, Tim & Eric, Tenacious D

The event coverage:

  • The event started with “The Mighty Tent,” Molly Bryant
  • Nancy & Beth delivered several funny music skit, which left laughter throughout the audience.
  • Eric Idle & The Jeff Davis Experience and Billy Idol entertained the audience with many show piece, but the song “I love the STD/herpes was a hit.
  • After that came Reggie Watts, which was great to watch. Reggie Watts killed the crowd with his signature beat boxing and musical skill.
  • The Mighty Boosh hit “The Mighty Tent” gave the audience a taste of their talent.
  • Craig Robinson and The Nasty Delicious took the show to another level with the song “Take Your Panties Off” and many more amazing songs. Craig Robinson engaged the crowd with his amazing vocals and his band jammed to the crowd with full force. I have to say Craig Robinson’s band member’s was perfect selection for sure!
  • Fred Armisen came out rocking blond hair and singing licks that was unbelievable!
  • Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum’s Prince tribute band “Princess.”  These ladies surely showed hotness all across the board and left the crowd feeling the groove of their slamming sounds.
  • The Gregory Brothers and Jack Black joined them for the “Double Rainbow Song,” Great performance!
  • Zach Galifianakis performed a straight stand-up set (no piano) for 10 minutes, which left laughter from his comical set.
  • Triumph (Robert Smigel) began with some of his trademark jokes, roasting the audience, Tenancious D, and Zach Galifianakis. “Zach Galifianakis, I kid Zach, but let’s be honest, not the best looking man. Zach had sex with a poodle once, andshe was arrested for beastiality.” Triumph (Robert Smigel)  performed songs from his 2003 album Come Poop With Me, including the track “Cats are Cunts.” Surprise Guest Conan O’Brien joined him for piece. Later on in the show  Jack Black, Megan Mullally, Sarah Silverman, Fred Armisen, and Reggie Watts to all come on stage  and sing.
  • Tim and Eric went full force with there first song “Bless The Fest”, which Rae Sunshine Lee (A.K.A.  Shaman Sunshine) opened the song up by speaking in tongue. Tim and Eric  delivered a rocking performance with “Jambalaya”, “Don’t Call Me Uncle”, “Petite Feet”, “Everybody Loves The Living Good”, and many more.” Band members-  percussionist: Frankie Ray, Bass Guitarist: Marc Livingood, Pianist: Davin Wood, and Drummer: Matthew Carlin rocked the house.
  • Adam Sandler, came out on the Omega Stage Supreme with a full band to sing some songs from his classic albums, including “7 Foot Man,” “Piece of Shit Car,” and “Medium Pace.”  He delivered a stellar performance, which was truly unbelievable on all levels.
  • Tenacious D, amazing performance that included their giant robot, the metal, and an over-sized alien. They delivered an awesome performance with  the song  “Fuck Her Gently.” Tenacious D’s set also included a mini-set by surprise guests “The Lonely Island.”  The show was truly astounding to watch Tenacious D join Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone to collaborate on “Lazy Sunday.”

Although, their were complaints about capacity level the next day, all and all; the event was still truly epic to see. From the optimistic side of this,  I am sure the next festival will be held in a larger arena space and reach at the next highest level.

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2 comments on “Festival Supreme Showcase Event 2013

  1. Frankie Ray
    October 22, 2013

    great Review of the show. fabulous photos. Awesome show great job


    • bourgeoismagazinela
      October 22, 2013

      Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback.
      It is greatly appreciated.


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