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Actor Frankie Ray “Climbing The Hollywood Ladder”

Frankie RayActor Frankie Ray holds his own in the entertainment world for sure. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, raised in Oakland, Ca, serving the U.S. Army for 3 years in Germany, touring in Japan, teaching ballroom, and now living the dream as an accomplished actor.

Coming from a large family, Frankie Ray learned early on as a child that entertaining people was quite easy. His family, friends, and teachers knew he had something special going on. Serving the military, later becoming a ballroom dance instructor, avid with martial arts, DJ, poker dealer, scuba diver, playing musical instruments, being a stuntman, and golden radio voice became beneficial toward his acting craft. Frankie Ray continues to broaden his craft by pursuing directing, which is truly remarkable to watch such talent push to the next level in the Hollywood limelight.

After finishing up his three years of service, he joined a band in Tacoma, Wa. called “Lamoor.” Without income from the band he started teaching Pro Ballroom and Latin Dancing at Fred Astaire Dance studio in Tacoma, Wa. After teaching and honing his skill for over 10 years at various studios around the country, allowed him to finish his ballroom dancing career at Arthur Murray’s in Beverly Hills. After finishing a Japan tour as the lead dancer, singer in the production of “Hello America Hello” Frankie found himself homeless. He lived under the bank in Century City.


While teaching Salsa at HY’s he heard of a film at the salsa class, crashed the rehearsal, and booked his first job as a dancer in the film “Mambo Kings”. Frankie Ray started his film career homeless, broke and damn near starving, living on the dirt under the bank in Century City. On a recommendation of a friend ,Frankie ray crashed the rehearsal and booked his first speaking roll in a film called “Prison Planet,” which was directed by Armand Gazarian. Mr. Gazarian hired Frankie Ray for his next  two films.

Over the years, Bourgeois Magazine La has had the chance to go through a life journey in “The Day And Life Of Frankie Ray.” Discovering that Frankie Ray is on a true mission and not giving up.  We watched him from going on auditions, performing on commercials, movies, videos, using his DJ skills at (nightclubs, birthdays, weddings, company parties, and private party events), traveling, and adventure activities.  Even at the age of 51, he does not want to grow old yet. His comical humor projected to everyone he comes across leaves everyone with a smile on their face.





Frankie Ray’s recent commercial Gieco Dracula can be seen all over the TV screen. Even without costumes and make-up, Frankie Ray is recognizable to his adoring fans all over the world.  Frankie Ray has worked with the most broad range of acting talent on movie projects, such as Marlon Brando, Billy Drego, Michael Jackson, Robert Rusler, Wesley Snipes,  Sandra Bullock, and many more.


Having spent years developing a huge list of skills to apply to his craft, Frankie Ray is known industry wide by casting to always deliver and always commits 100% to his characters. He believes that a character actor should dress for the audition and he maintain’s a huge wardrobe of just about every conceivable kind of character he may be called in for. If he does not have the outfit for the audition, he buys it to be a step ahead of the game.

He is truly loyal strong with his first agent Hugh Loen at Coast to Coast talent group for over twenty years. After twenty-one years as a Sag actor he still does student films and loves to do shorts.  Frankie Ray believes in lending his skills and giving back to those that are just starting out. After 16 years of being sober, Frankie shows he can handle anything that comes his way. With over 31 national commercials numerous features and TV credit’s, he has the good fortune to be re-hired by many he has worked with before.


From struggling and making his mark in Hollywood living under a bank parking lot, to living comfortably and happy, Frankie Ray really knows how to push himself with such drive and force. “Climbing The Hollywood Ladder” as actor Frankie Ray puts it, stands true of all entertainment talent of every medium. The undoubtedly talented actor Frankie Ray delivers an outstanding range of performances throughout his body of work, which keeps you drawn to his true ability to deliver across the screen.





Legendary Brian Chatton from "Boys Don't Cry" during for Bourgeois Magazine LA with Actor/Spokeperson Frankie Ray at The Canyon Club © Bourgeois Magazine LA

Legendary Brian Chatton from “Boys Don’t Cry” during for Bourgeois Magazine LA with Actor/Spokeperson Frankie Ray at The Canyon Club
© Bourgeois Magazine LA

Recently Bourgeois Magazine LA personally requested Frankie Ray to be the spokesperson for The Legend All Star Rock Charity, which he graciously extended his time for this wonderful event.  He also just did a footage video for Bourgeois Magazine LA on legendary keyboard player, Brian Chatton and did a video for Brian Chatton.







484819_10200631556385664_1031764464_nExpect to see “When Kings Battle” at the 2013 Hollyshorts Film Festival. The Festival runs August 15-22, 2013 at The Chinese Theaters on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, CA.  Frankie Ray has new commercials out this fall and a movie project too.

Bourgeois Magazine LA wants to extend a deep thank you for giving us the chance to capture moments behind the movie screen, special events, and being a spokesperson for the Brian Chatton project. We look forward to capturing more moments in the life of Frankie Ray! Keep an eye out on this extraordinary talent for sure! See Frankie Ray’s IMDB at


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7 comments on “Actor Frankie Ray “Climbing The Hollywood Ladder”

  1. Frankie Ray
    September 4, 2013

    that dood needs a raise lol


  2. Erik Foerster
    September 6, 2013

    awesome great article


    • bourgeoismagazinela
      September 6, 2013

      Thank you! The goal with this article to deliver a fresh perspective about Mr.Ray, but convey his true dedication in,the entertainment industry. There is a great number of actors who have given up in the industry, which is sad to see. Many of those talents fall due to younger faces taking over, which is,too bad. I hope this article gave an understanding to never give up on your craft and keep,broadening other talents that will get more work. In the industry, you have to be a jack of all trades to make it. Keep focused and push harder up the Hollywood ladder of success.


  3. Francine Greene
    September 16, 2013

    I have the privilege of knowing Frankie and I don’t know of anyone that is more dedicated to the arts. High energy, he’s positive and always in pursuit of the good.
    While he continues up the Hollywood Ladder all i can say is we are lucky to have him and enjoy his entertainment. You rock Frankie


  4. mike evans
    April 30, 2014

    Frank and I only know each other from a. Facebook page for the place we were both stationed at while in the Army . He’s a. Good guy who faces every challenge with an optimism and uncompromising strength of character that has made me admire him .


  5. Wendy Orgis Ruiz
    October 28, 2016

    well written article very talented gentlemen


  6. Wendy Orgis Ruiz
    October 28, 2016

    well written article


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