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“Where We Started” Opening Premiere at The Arena Cinema

Director/Writer; Chris Hanson from the movie "Where We Were" during the opening premier night. Copyrights 2014 Bourgeois Magazine LA
Director/Writer; Chris Hansen from the movie “Where We Started” during the opening premiere night.
Copyrights 2014 Bourgeois Magazine LA

Director/Writer: Chris Hansen delivers a packed house for the premiere of his new movie “Where We Started“. Mr.Hansen is not only a director, but also a professor at Baylor University. The red carpet premiere”Where We Started” was filled with celebrities from all over the entertainment spectrum. Brian Elliot, Kathy Tinius and Lisa Stepps were in attendance for this phenomenal film . The night was filled with red carpet attendees, a pre-party opener, and  a Q&A after the movie screening. This opening premiere certainly was a night not to miss. The movie premiere was held at the Arena Cinema in Hollywood, CA

Where We Started” is about two married strangers who somehow end up meeting at a run-down motel, which ends up sparking the idea of an extramarital affair. “Where We Started” show the struggles of the inter-works of cheating. The movie goes in dept about struggles that people are in with relationships, and the contemplation of cheating. It also displays the conflicts of decision-making, and how it is rationalized. Basically, the characters in the film battle their fears, hopes, shames, while giving insight into why someone will cheat. “Where We Started,” is sparked with a romantic interlude, a compelling story, and vivid color spectrum in the cinematic realm, which leaves you engulfed. This movie definitely keep you rolling in stitches from the raw humor!  “Where We Started” is certainly thought-provoking and leaves you with a full understanding that our lives are our choices, even when they lead to dangerous places. This film is definitely worth seeing!  

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  • Chris Hansen (Where We Started)
  • Frankie Ray (Blade)
  • Vincent M Ward (Walking Dead)
  • Etalvia Cashin (Date Night and Cuffing Season)
  • Bryan Kaplan (Fray)
  • Christy Lee Hughes ( Blood Rush)
  • Benjamin Ochieng (Road To Redemption)
  • Dean Bariage (Captain America 2)
  • Christian Meoli (Treachery)
  • Suze Lanier-Bramlett (Area 51-cut and The Hills Have Eyes)
  • Nancy La Scala  (Jersey Boys)
  • Senyo Amoaku (Sprint Commercial and The Expendables)
  • Monica Ramon and Cody Mullinis (Indie Rights- Actors)
  • Deana Molle (Game Over)
  • Donna Spangler (Matilda and The Brentwood Connection)
  • Bart Baggett (Hidden On The Heart of Texas)
  • Kristin West (Circus of The Dead)
  • Alice Amter (Big Bang Theory)
  • Shad Gaspard (WWE Fighter)
  • Al Profit. (Director from Indie Rights)
  • Kathy Tinius (Sandbox Productions, Inc.)
  • Lisa Stepps (Sandbox Productions, Inc.)
  • Lark Voorhies (Saved By The Bell)
Indie Rights Movies owners, Linda Nelson and Michael Madison during the opening premier of FRAY. Copyright 2014 Bourgeois Magazine LA
Indie Rights Movies owners, Linda Nelson and Michael Madison during the opening premier of FRAY.
Copyright 2014 Bourgeois Magazine LA

Indie Rights Movies, which is owned by Linda Nelson and Michael Madison, have been working with and Director/Writer: Chris Hansen on the launch of “Where We Started” throughout the independent film market. They certainly are on the right track to launching this thought provoking film to the next level! The dynamic duo really are driven and focused on getting all independent film makers recognized for sure!



“Where We Started” cast and crew:

  • Director: Chris Hansen
  • Producer: Brian Elliot
  • Actor: Matthew Brumlow
  • Actress: Cora Vander Broek
  • Director Of Photography: Taylor Rudd

The movie will be airing at the Arena Cinema:

  • SUNDAY MAY 4 3:00PM
  • SUNDAY MAY 4 3:00PM
  • MONDAY MAY 5 6:35PM
  • TUESDAY MAY 6 9:55PM

Get your tickets at

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  1. Frankie Ray
    May 5, 2014

    good article well written and informative great photos


    • bourgeoismagazinela
      May 5, 2014

      Thank you for your kind words. We truly appreciate your thoughts!


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