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Echoplex Showcase with Heidecker & Wood and Special Guest DJ Douggpound

Heidecker & Wood and their band during a performance at the Echplex Jan 23, 2014. Copyright 2014 Bourgeois Magazine LA

Heidecker & Wood and their band during a performance at the Echoplex Jan 23, 2014. Copyright 2014 Bourgeois Magazine LA

The Echoplex showcased an assemble of entertainment elites Jan 23, 2014. The line-up started with DJ Douggpound and ended  with Heidecker & Wood band. The two music talents delivered a unique style of music blend throughout the night, which left a phenomenal standing ovation.

Doug Lussenhop, a.k.a. DJ Douggpound, is part joke D.J., part real musician, part video editor, writer, and performer. He’s the go-to editor for the surrealist comedians Tim & Eric, and has lent his chops to Jon Benjamin Has a Van, Funny or Die Presents, and Portlandia. DJ Douggpound infused a style of DJ music mixes with his comedic stand-up piece, which was entertaining, funny and creative. 

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Sound Tracks from DJ Douggpound music album “Pound It”

Track List: 
1. Pound It
2. Knock Knock
3. Who? (Remix)
4. Digital Cameras
5. Digital Cameras (Remix)
6. Party Next Week
7. I’m the Best Dancer
8. Ya
9. Ya Who? (Remix)
10. Pussy Car
11. Long Cummmings
12. Inspiration Point
13. Ghini Genie
14. Gimme Lamborghini
15. Any more Questions?
16. Numb my Gummies
17. Roid Rage
18. Do you believe in having some ‘roids?
19. Someone to talk to
20. (remix)
21. Kinda picky
22. Reubenesque (Remix)
23. End of CD
24. Hidden Track
25. Secret track (Remix)
26. Unlisted song
27. Nooooooo

Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!), long time musical collaborator Davin Wood, and their band return to the stage for their first LA performance in support of the new album “Some Things Never Stay The Same.” Heidecker and Wood band was a remarkable showcase. The band was mixed with full instrumental talents that truly proved  how dynamic they could hold their own. Heidecker & Wood definitely delivered a true creative vision, captured an assemble of music styles, comedy, and energy throughout the night. Expected additional tour date is list Jan 24, 2014 at the “Rickshaw Stop” in San Francisco, CA. Additional show listing will follow soon. Keep a look out for current dates to follow. For tickets at the “Rickshaw Stop,” Go to:

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Song showcase covered from the new album ”

1) Cocaine

2) What Else Is New

3) Getaway Man

4) This Is Life

5) Tell Her I Love Her

6) Coming Home

7) Sunday Man

8) Hurricane

9) On Our Own

10) Salvation Street

11) The Next Ten Years

The show is definitely worth seeing again and again! Who knew such great talents could be a stellar “jack-of-all-trades”? Well, they certainly are remarkable and entertaining on all levels for sure!

Here is a video behind the scene from Heidecker and Wood new song “Getaway Man” they worked on. Check it out! Great footage piece!!!!

One comment on “Echoplex Showcase with Heidecker & Wood and Special Guest DJ Douggpound

  1. marc Livingood
    January 25, 2014

    Randy Newman influence great ear for melody


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