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Hollyshort Film Festival Got It!


The HollyShorts Film Festivals annual independent short film festival located in Hollywood, California. Founded in 2005, the yearly festival programs feature an eclectic mixture of short films of various genres from around the world. The Hollyshort Film Festival has marked it’s ninth year of hosting this amazing event for all film makers all over the world.




IMG_20130819_111814The ninth annual HollyShorts Film Festival was from Aug. 15- Aug. 22 with “When Kings Battle,” a film written by screenwriter Joshua Bucher, produced by Bob Sanford, and directed by John Bucher.  Joshua Bucher and John Bucher a family pair, really show the definition of family working together. “When Kings Battle” premiered on the screen Aug. 17th, which is up for special effects.  This film project handled under a budget of 9,000 and proved that you don’t need a lot of money to make your first movie short. “When King’s Battle: is a story director John Bucher has wanted to tell for several years. It is loosely based on an ancient Hebrew story. The power of story is one of life’s greatest mysteries and “When Kings Battle” is ultimately about that power. Studying what makes story powerful and how that power can be harnessed is one of the great passions of life. He wanted to create a new world for this story. A world that had elements we were familiar with but that transcended any particular place or time. I like to refer to the world as International steampunk. While traditional steampunk only draws from Victorian influences, International steampunk draws equally from China, India, Morrocco as well as Victorian England. This is a land where victrolas meet machine guns. Story has the ability to bypass the head and go straight to the heart. The all star cast in this film was  James Kyson, Frankie Ray, Greg Jackson, Patrick McCarthy, Judy During, Jenni Halina, and Kerr Seth Lordygan.


Bourgeois Magazine LA got the chance to talk with director John Bucher about his film, his next project goal. He expressed that his goal is to bring “When Kings Battle” to a full length feature, but is trying to get funding for the full length film. He has been working on a new project in South America.  John Bucher certainly is ready for the Hollywood lime-light and truly is determined to rock it hard.

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The red carpet event also had other film makers, directors, and actors that appeared throughout the night. The event held steady throughout the entire day.

The opening-night event, which kicked off the largest short-film festival in Los Angeles, took place at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Aug. 15. Prior to the shorts screenings, the festival was a screen one feature film, David Rodriguez’s “Last I Heard,” with Paul Sorvino and Michael Rappaport.


“Zero Hour” stars Camilla Belle and Latin-American star Jaime Camil, and follows a young couple on a trip through the Mojave desert. Director Carrillo Levy is also a producer and marketing executive, and is currently working on the feature “Words With Gods” with Guillermo Arriaga.









“Punisher: Dirty Laundry” is a tribute to fans who have kept the Marvel comics hero the Punisher alive through a number of comic-book and film reboots, including the 2004 film in which Thomas Jane starred. The 10-minute film, which returns Jane to the role he left because of creative differences during the preparation of a “Punisher 2” sequel, recently screened at Comic-Con. Jane described it as “a love letter to [the character] Frank Castle and his fans.

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All photography shot at Hollyshort Film Festival provided Bourgeois Magazine LA and Will North.

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