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When Kings Battle with Director: John Bucher, Actor: Frankie Ray, and Actor: James Kyson


(L-R) Director: John Bucher, Actor: Frankie Ray, and James Kyson

John-BucherJohn Bucher(Director/Write) is an award-winning writer, filmmaker and culture communicator based out of Hollywood, California. He has produced film, television and video programming in more than 30 countries around the world including Iraq, Mongolia, China, Argentina and Morocco. His documentary work on AIDS in Africa received both Telly and Omni Awards. He has served as the Executive Director for the Damah Film Festival and currently teaches at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center. He also serves as the Director for Story Development for the Global Short Film Network. He has taught seminars on story, film and pop culture on five continents.  John co-owns Sideshow Media Group, a culture communications company based in Los Angeles, California, that produces original music, comics, books and films.

 John Bucher explains that “When King’s Battle: is a story he has wanted to tell for several years. It is loosely based on an ancient Hebrew story. The power of story is one of life’s greatest mysteries and “When Kings Battle” is ultimately about that power. Studying what makes story powerful and how that power can be harnessed is one of the great passions of life. He wanted to create a new world for this story. A world that had elements we were familiar with but that transcended any particular place or time. I like to refer to the world as International steampunk. While traditional steampunk only draws from Victorian influences, International steampunk draws equally from China, India, Morrocco as well as Victorian England. This is a land where victrolas meet machine guns. Story has the ability to bypass the head and go straight to the heart.

John Bucher takes you on a journey with his new film project When Kings Battle portraying a ruler transformed by the power of story. After seeing a beautiful woman bathing on her roof, the Emperor has her husband killed and takes her for himself. The palace Storyteller uses the power of an engaging story to cause the Emperor see what he has done.


Joshua Bucher is the author of books including Out of Nowhere and Witches Moon. He serves as the Creative Director for Sideshow Comics and is currently in development on several literary, comic and graphic novel projects. He lives in Hollywood, CA.









Bob Sanford has produced films including Shut Up And Die Like and AviatorThrough the GlassHaircut, and Not Evelyn Cho, starring Joe Manganiello of HBO’sTrue Blood. Bob co-owns Sideshow Media Group, a culture communications company based in Los Angeles, California, that produces original music, comics, books and films. He specializes in marketing and continues to produce out of Colorado Springs, CO.








Drew Maw(DP) has served as Cinematographer on films including Just CopsShips in a BottleBreakdown, Hope Reigns and many others. He has also directed episodes of the television series Stage 5. Drew lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.








Jordan-SteeleJordan Steele(Editor) is an up-and-coming filmmaker whose passion for film comes at the crossroads of where art and technology meet. You will most typically find him in one of his two favorite places: either behind the camera or in the edit bay. He has been a key part of multiple award winning shorts, and his first feature film as an editor went on to win an award for Best Student Feature Film, among others. Jordan is now based out of Los Angeles, but has been hired for projects all across the United States and loves to travel for production.






All Star Cast and Bio: 

James-KaysonJames Kyson (The Emperor)
Voted by TV Guide as “Hollywood’s 25 Hottest,” James recently finished Hawaii Five-O on CBS, and a 4-year run on NBC’s Heroes as ‘Ando’. He currently stars in’s new Action series Armed Response, and the new Digital series Daybreak, from the producers of 24 & Touch (FOX). His first ever Television audition landed him on CBS’s J.A.G. Other TV credits include CSINBC’s Las VegasThe West WingHeist, as well as ABC’s Threat Matrix, and CW’s All About the Andersons.  James has starred in feature films such as Star Runners, Shutter, & the comedy How to Make love to a Woman. In 2014, he will be in Catherine Hardwicke’s new thriller Plush, as well as Born 2 Race: Fast TrackCriticsizedRagamuffin, and Richard Gabai’s action thriller Nonstop.





Greg-JacksonGreg Jackson (The Storyteller)
Greg is from upstate New York. After spending 4 years in the Navy, Greg was discovered singing in a club in New York City where he signed his first record deal. He relocated to Los Angeles where he starred in over 30 national television commercials. He worked as a professional model in Europe, NY, and LA. He is presently working in film and television. 

He has just wrapped on soon to be released Jesus in Cowboy Boots working opposite Alicia Silverstone. Presently in production with Silk Dog films playing the part of John Marston, the main character in the popular video game Red Dead Redemption.







Patrick McCarthy (Uriah)
Patrick McCarthy has appeared in films including Theo, The Ring of Rimachi and The Castle. A veteran of theater, Patrick has appeared on television shows such as Fashanu’s Football Challenge. He is currently living and acting in Hollywood.









Judy During (Helen)
Judy Durning began acting as a teenager in Westchester Co., NY in the 1950′s and continued through her college years. She worked in unrelated fields until her return in the 1980′s. Since then has acted in 30+ plays, 60+ films and a dozen Internet projects.








Jenni Halina (Kozo)
Jenni Halina has appeared in films including Love You More, Let’s Have Them For Dinner and on television shows such as The A-List: New York. In addition to acting, she is a model and a singer.










Frankie Ray (Hez)
Frankie Ray started his film career homeless, broke, and near starving living under a bank in Century City. Frankie has been blessed to work with the likes of Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, Conrad Hall, and countless others. With over 29 national commercials numerous features and TV credits, he can currently be seen playing a vampire in national Geico commercials.







Kerr Seth Lordygan (Kon)
Kerr Seth Lordygan received his BFA in theatre from USC. His production of Kerr Package, a collection of his short plays, received major critical acclaim for Kerr in 2008. January 2012 saw the world premiere of Kerr’s brand new feature length play, Askance, at Eclectic Company Theatre. Kerr performed in the world premiere of Ray Bradbury’s adaptation of Something Wicked This Way Comes at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (along with 6 more productions that summer in rep). He sings in Aces High, a tribute to Iron Maiden. He founded improv comedy troupe Weird On Top and serves as President at Eclectic Company Theatre in North Hollywood.

“When Kings Battle” has been chosen as an official selection of the 2013 Hollyshorts Film Festival. The Festival runs August 15-22, 2013 at The Chinese Theaters on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, CA.

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