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Backwards Feet Dancer “Lil John aka Solow”

When I met Solow, he was a struggling, but driven dancer dancing on the Venice Beach strip. When I first saw him dance I was mesmerized by how he could move so well even with his handicap of having backwards feet. He has such an enormous gift to draw in a crown for his talent, yet there is also ignorant crow members who just look at him for his handicapped. For what I saw from Solow was his talent to dance, capture audiences attention and attract them with his winning smile. Yet there were so some people who had a mean air about his disability,  but he never let that control him. His motivation and mission to entertain and illustrate his dancing style, surely keeps people for coming back for more.

Solow has a large fan base all over the world, which until this day people beg to see him move and groove. I truly appreciate getting to know this talented kat’s spirit, happiness, and energy. Solow is definitely a talent to watch out for!

“Never judge people by their cover! There is more to the person than what you first see.”



3 comments on “Backwards Feet Dancer “Lil John aka Solow”

  1. Ayana Davis
    May 26, 2011

    It took me a second to let sink in. When I looked at this picture, I only thought one thing. This man is truly blessed. To have backwards feet and still be able to function in this crazy and judgmental world. Hats off Lil John. Go with your bad self Lil John.

    B-Imaging, you took some great shots of Lil John. The bright and saturated color really caught my attention. Great model choice! Ok, I love the criss-crossed legs with the smile on the upper right!


    • bimaging
      June 5, 2011

      Yes, Lil John is an exceptional person!


  2. Isaac Golub
    July 22, 2011

    This my cousin. This kid has been mad fresh since the 80’s. Baseball MVP, swimming!!! You should have seen him on a skateboard in Rubidoux back in the day.

    I’m mad proud of him.

    Shawn Do says what up!


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